ICA-based Multiuser Detection in MC-CDMA Systems

V.D. Thanh, and P.Q. Thai (Vietnam)


CDMA Systems, Multi-carrier CDMA, blind multiuser detection, Independent Component Analysis.


Blind interference suppression in Multi-carrier Code Division Multiple Access (MC-CDMA) systems using a statistical technique called Independent Component Analysis (ICA) is considered in this paper. The role of this kind of detection, like in other multiuser detection (MUD) methods, is to discriminate the desired transmitted signals from different sources (users) in a MIMO or MISO system. ICA-based multiuser detectors do not require complete knowledge of the system like other traditional detectors. This characteristic facilitates the application of ICA-based MUD in multiuser systems where the content of information and the transmitted power of each individual user are random factors. The drawbacks of ICA-based methods are inherent scaling and permutation, which cause problems in MC-CDMA multiuser detection and MAI mitigation scenarios. In this paper, ICA method incorporating prior information about the desired user’s code, which removes these indeterminacies, is proposed. Simulation results show that the ICA-based receiver is more robust, especially in no power control condition.

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