An Adaptive Soft Handover Scheme using Fuzzy Load Balancing for WCDMA Systems

K. Yang, B. Qiu, and L.S. Dooley (Australia)


Soft handover, adaptive load balancing, WCDMA


In cellular systems, user distribution variations can cause load imbalance between cells. Embedding a load balancing strategy within the handover scheme means that ensuing traffic congestion can be alleviated by dynamically reallocating load between neighbouring cells. An adaptive soft handover scheme for multimedia cellular communication systems is proposed in this paper, that considers both the cell load factors as well as the pilot channel signal-to-interference-and-noise-ratio (SINR) for soft handovers. By using fuzzy principles, the soft handover thresholds and time hysteresis are adapted dependent upon the loads of the neighbouring cells. Simulation results show that the new algorithm provides improved system performance in terms of a more evenly distributed load, lower blocking probabilities and higher throughput.

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