MAC Protocol with WDM/TDMA Scheme for AWG-based WDM-PON

K.-E. Han, S.-H. Lee, W. Yu, C.-K. Kang, S.-H. Shim, and Y.-C. Kim (Korea)


Passive optical network, dynamic bandwidth allocation, variable packet, AWG, WDM-PON


Recently, wavelength division multiplexing passive optical networks (WDM-PON) is in the spotlight as a new technology because the WDM-PON can offer in easy the high capacity, flexibility and privacy to each end user. Arrayed-waveguide gratings (AWG), which support the transparence of light signal and high scalability from spatial wavelength reuse as well as low cost and complexity, can be applied to the WDM-PON instead of splitter at remote node (RN). In this paper, we design a WDM-PON architecture consisting of two stage AWGs and combiner. We also propose a Request/Permit based MAC protocol so as to allocate the shared resource to ONUs efficiently because WDM and WDM/time-division multiple access (TDMA) are used for downstream and upstream transmission respectively in this WDM-PON. The performance of the MAC protocol is evaluated in terms of queuing delay and bandwidth utilization under non-uniform as well as uniform traffic distribution by using OPNET.

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