The Case for a Conservative and Adaptive QoS Provisioning Scheme for Multimedia Wireless Network

K.N. Choong, Y.C. Yee, A.L.Y. Low, S.L. Ng, and S.F. Chien (Malaysia)


QoS provisioning, call admission control, conservative bandwidth allocation, call blocking and dropping rates.


Quality of Service (QoS) is an important element in wireless networks that carry multimedia traffic. In this paper, we present a Conservative and Adaptive QoS (CAQoS) provisioning scheme which aims to minimize both the call blocking and handoff dropping probability in the multimedia wireless networks. Unlike existing QoS provisioning schemes which gradually scale down the bandwidth of ongoing connections to admit new calls, CAQoS introduces an early bandwidth scale-down of the new call based on the designated provisioning model. Results showed that the proposed CAQoS is able to minimize new call blocking and handoff dropping rates with less number of bandwidth reallocation, while making efficient use of the bandwidth.

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