The Capability of Bluetooth for Real-Time Transmission in Automation

A. Vedral, J.F. Wollert, A. Buda, and R. Altrock (Germany)


Bluetooth, Wireless Communication, Industrial Environ ment, Gilbert-Elliott Model, Baum-Welch Algorithm


This examination comprises a digital analysis of the real time capability of Bluetooth to meet the requirements of the automation field, using ACL and SCO communication channels. The bit error ratio is taken as basic characteriz ing indicator for the evaluation of the reliability of the com munication channels. The delay time, its variation and the corresponding jitter provide a basis to review the time be haviour. Cambridge Silicon Radios (CSR) Bluetooth chips of type BlueCore 2 and BlueCore 4 were used. Several configurations with and without activation of quality of ser vice (QoS) have been investigated regarding delay and jit ter. For the basic communication channel’s description and classification in terms of burst error behaviour, the well known Gilbert-Elliott model was used. Their parameters were gained by estimations using the Baum-Welch algo rithm. These practical relevant parameters of the model can be used for the development and evaluation of channel codes and safety protocols within realistic simulations.

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