Performance Analysis of Intercarrier Interference Reduction Algorithms for OFDM Communication Systems in Multipath Fading Channels

B.A. Shah, M.A. Masnadi Shirazi, and A.R. Zolghadrasli (Iran)


OFDM, Carrier frequency offset Intercarrier interference reduction algorithms, Rayleigh fading channel, AWGN channel, OFDM simulator.


One of the limitations of orthogonal frequency division Multiplexing (OFDM) in many application is its sensitivity to frequency errors normally referred as carrier frequency offset. For OFDM communication systems, the frequency offset in mobile radio channels This frequency offset can be caused by Doppler shift due to relative motion between the transmitter and receiver, or by frequency drift between the local oscillators at the transmitter and receiver. As a result there is a loss of orthogonality among subcarriers giving rise to inter carrier interference (ICI). In this paper we analyzed the phenomenon of Intercarrier interference and various methods which are used to mitigate the effect of inter carrier interference. An OFDM ICI cancellation simulator was developed for comparison of various ICI reduction methods. The simulator can be used to see the effects of various OFDM parameters such as Number of OFDM subcarriers (N), Type of baseband Modulation (PSK, QAM), Frequency offset, IIFT size and type of wireless channel on the performance of an OFDM system.

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