Small Scale 3G Wireless Experimental System Simulation and Construction in China's Urban Environment with a Market Analysis

G. Ren, B. Chen, J. Xu, and W. Yang (PRC)


Wireless Communications, Simulation, Modeling, 3G, Market Analysis 1. 3G Wireless System and Its Development and Employment in China 3G wireless system is now becoming a buzz word in global telecommunication markets. 3G wireless systems have been put into commercial practice in many countries, such as Japan and Korea [1]. In giant China mainland market, 3G seems unbelievably quiet and conservative. This might be the fact that its commercialization has not yet been licensed. Although Ch


When the 3G wireless market in mainland China is about to come, the 3G wireless experimental system construction must be the inevitable first step. In this paper, firstly, the development and employment of 3G in China are discussed and reviewed. Then, a programmable software simulation platform based on 2.5G and 3G systems is proposed. A small scale 3G wireless experimental system constructed at Nanchong, Sichuan Province, China, is presented. The test results on several networks are given. Finally, a brief market analysis of the future 3G system deployments and telecommunication market trend is made.

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