An Optimization-based Design Algorithm for CATV Networks

K.W. Peng, Y.S. Lin, and J.F. Kwang (Taiwan)


Network modelling and simulation, Network planning, and Optimization-based algorithm


Although an increasing number of new services are running on CATV networks, the quality of traditional CATV network systems can not fully support the new services. Thus, operators of CATV network systems need to improve or expand their network equipments and capacity. But the most economical way to construct a CATV network that meets all requirements has yet to be found. In this paper, we propose a near-optimal two-way CATV network design algorithm that minimizes total installation costs. First, we introduce a mathematical model to describes CATV networks. Because of the nature of CATV such networks, the nonlinear property is unavoidable and must therefore be dealt with. By applying some optimization methods, including geometric programming, surrogate functions, linear relaxation, and the steepest decent method, we have successfully developed an optimization-based algorithm. In the numerical experiments, we use some network examples to test the algorithm. For the test examples, the optimal designs are found by exhaustive searching and compared with designs generated by our algorithm. The cost differences range from 0 to 2.5%, and the results generated by our algorithm are close to the optimal solutions.

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