Survey of Cyber-Security and a Fundamental of Geometric Common Key Agreement in MANETs

S.-J. Wang (Taiwan), S. Chen (USA), and J.-H. Huang (Taiwan)


MANETs, mobile security, authentication, key agreement, cyber-crime, ad-hoc applications


Mobile ad hoc networks (MANETs), which connect individual users to each other, remain a topic of research development in wireless network systems. The data in these systems are transmitted by way of multiple-hops, when the source node is distant from the destination node. These MANETs have been used mainly in military applications such on the battlefield to exchange information about the combat environment between army units. This type of system is faced with not only the usual security problems, but must also work under certain limitations, such as low power and restricted computing ability. In this paper, we discuss a fundamental procedure of constructing the common key in mathematically geometric property and some feasible crime-investigation-aid applications for an MANET, also addressing relevant security problems. In a well-constructed MANET of security-proof for the applications against cyber-crime, malicious attacks and invasions can be avoided, allowing normal functioning of the system.

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