Development of an Automated Testbed for Testing Packet Filtering Functions

H.S. Kim, S.H. Kuk, and Y.-D. Park (South Korea)


Security Policies, Packet Filtering, Function Tests, Testbed


Packet filtering is to filter out potentially malicious network packets. In order to test packet filtering functions we should verify whether security policies established in the security systems are performed correctly as intended. However there are few the existing tools to test the functions. Besides, they need user participation when generating test cases or deciding test results. Many security administrators have burden to test systematically security policies when they establish new ones or modify the existing ones. To mitigate the burden we suggest a new testbed with minimal user participation. Our testbed automates generation steps of the test cases and the test oracles, respectively. Especially, the generated test oracles enable to decide the results of test exercises without user intervention. As a result it may enhance confidence of test activities more highly. This paper describes about design and implementation of test methods and a testbed.

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