Efficient Certificateless Public Key Encryption with Pairing

Y. Shi, J. Li, J. Pan, and J. Shi (PRC)


Certificatelss public key encryption; bilinear pairing; Key escrow.


Certificateless public key cryptography was introduced to combine the advantages of the identity-based cryptogra phy and the traditional PKI. Recently, Dae Hyun Yum1 and Pil Joong Lee have proposed a generic series construction model of certificateless public key encryption (CL-PKE) which is built from generic primitives: identity-based en cryption and public key encryption. However, this model pays much attention on the generic construction and ne glects the nice properties of the bilinear pairings. In this paper, we propose an efficient CL-PKE scheme which is based on the nice algebraic properties of the bilinear pair ing. Our scheme is more efficient on computation and has more compact ciphertext than the existing schemes.

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