Digital Signature Scheme for Flexible Usage of a MIDI File

H. Miyata, R. Uda, and Y. Matsushita (Japan)


Digital Rights Management, digital signature, digital document sanitizing scheme, copyright, MIDI, and electronic watermark


We propose a digital signature scheme for Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI) file that adapts a digital document sanitization scheme and the digital signature embedded scheme of MIDI file. MIDI is one of the music file format. When using MIDI file for content, a MIDI file may be used secondary use. Since MIDI is enumeration of a performance command, a secondary user can use a part of a MIDI file easily. When a secondary user uses a part of MIDI file, they should be specified the copyright information. If the copyright is only specific, secondary users can use the MIDI file flexibly. When a MIDI file that has embedded digital watermark or applied a digital signature use secondary use, it use only whole of MIDI file, because detecting an embedded watermark or verifying a digital signature when using a part of a MIDI file is impossible. Authorship information can be easily provided if the MIDI file is embedded an electronic watermark or applied a digital signature. With our scheme, secondary users can use MIDI file flexibly and prove the user gets the MIDI file rightly.

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