Delay Guarantee, Bandwidth Allocation, and Pricing in Multinode Network

K. Luostarinen, O. Gomzikov, J. Joutsensalo, and T. Hämäläinen (Finland)


QoS, Pricing, Scheduling, revenue


This paper presents a packet scheduling scheme for ensur ing delay and bandwidth as a Quality of Service (QoS) re quirement. For customers, rightful service is given while optimizing revenue of the network service provider. A fixed point type algorithm for updating the weights of a packet scheduler is derived from a revenue-based optimiza tion problem. We compared algorithm with optimal brute force method. Especially fixed point algorithm converges very fast to the optimal solution, when number of classes is three. The weight updating procedures are independent on the assumption of the connections’ statistical behavior, and therefore they are robust against erroneous estimates of statistics. Also, a Call Admission Control (CAC) is imple mented in context of our scenario.

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