Frequency Transmit Diversity Techniques for OFDM Antenna Array System over Multipath Fading Channels

S.-S. Jeng, C.-W. Tsung, and S.-J. Syue (Taiwan)


antenna array, OFDM


Due to the propagation mechanisms, the received signals of an OFDM wireless system will suffer from the multipath fading and the performance of systems will be degraded. This paper proposed a new algorithm to generate a weighting vector to mitigate the effect of the multipath fading. The results show that after performing the proposed algorithm, the diversity gain can increase 3.5 dB than that without the proposed algorithm while BER is 10-3 . It can also promote the performance of the system with MRC in the small angle spread environment. Furthermore, the proposed algorithm can be applied to other multi-carrier communication systems for performance promotion.

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