Performance Evaluation of IEEE 802.11g with Smart Antenna System over the Multipath Channel

S.S. Jeng and C.W. Tsung (Taiwan)


smart antenna, IEEE 802.11g, spectral spatial smoothing


This paper evaluates the performance of a proposed smart antenna system applied to IEEE 802.11g system. The proposed smart antenna system utilizes multicarrier to generate a spatial signature matrix of full rank to perform the DOA based beamforming. The smart antenna system can reduce the effect of the multipath fading, increase the diversity gain, and suppress the co-channel interference between different devices. From the analysis and simulation results, the proposed algorithm can eliminate the effect of correlation between received multipath signals and generate the correct weighting vectors to promote the performance. In the simulation results, the BER of IEEE 802.11g with DDOA (Dominant DOA) and PIDOA (Psuedo Inverse DOA) can achieve 10-4 and 10-6 respectively, when the SNR is 4 dB.

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