Hospital Data Warehousing System for Mining of Patient Data

J. Salinas, J.G. McManus, V.A. Convertino, and J.B. Holcomb (USA)


Hospital data warehousing, patient data, real time databases.


Few data warehousing systems provide a complete and continuous history of patient data from the outset of prehospital care to the point of hospital discharge. Typical hospital database systems are limited to data recorded by personnel during patient transport and contain a minimal number of data points. Furthermore, the lack of patient outcome information in prehospital trauma data repositories severely limits meaningful correlation analyses. This lack of data has consequently led to the development of treatment methodologies based on anecdotal evidence rather than proven statistical analysis. In order to develop more accurate prehospital protocols and algorithms for field care, we created a robust system for storage of patient injuries, continuous vital signs, interventions, and eventual patient disposition. This paper describes the Trauma Vitals warehousing system which provides researchers with a comprehensive database and data warehouse of trauma patient data during all phases of prehospital and hospital care. Patient prehospital vital signs are recorded automatically to ensure comprehensive data collection. These data are combined with manually entered prehospital and emergency department (ED) hospital data. The system provides a web-based approach for handling user requests and data management commands to an underlying real time database.

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