A Relation Taxonomy Creation Module

C.R. Kothari and D.J. Russomanno (USA)


Semantic Web, Ontologies, Relations, Taxonomies


This paper describes the functionality and architecture of the Relation Taxonomy Module (RTM). RTM taxonomically arranges ontology specific relations using relation element values, which describe their intrinsic nature. RTM works in collaboration with the Relation Semantics Prototype (RSEP), which interactively elicits values for relation elements from knowledge providers to describe relations defined within ontologies. RTM generates the relation taxonomies using a technique that is analogous in some ways to using attributes of objects to arrange them taxonomically via the attribute exploration method. Ontology specific relation taxonomies may facilitate knowledge reuse and interoperability on a distributed environment such as the Semantic Web. The functionality and design of the RTM and the results from testing this prototype with a few ontologies are presented and analyzed in this paper.

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