A Coloured Timed Petri Net Modeling and Simulation of Distributed Database Queries

P.P.-T. Chen, Y.-T. Chen, and C.-C. Yang (Taiwan)


Distributed database, modeling, coloured Petri nets, and query processing.


In this paper, a new application of coloured timed Petri net (CTPN) based methodology for distributed relational database queries modeling and corresponding simulation is addressed. This work, firstly based on the parsed query definitions, converts the logical query plans into the designed CTPN models. Later, the improved cost functions are then established and appended to CTPN with a general purposed CPN simulator-Design/CPN to observe the thresholds of query operations. The proposed CTPN can be used in the design phase as an experimental prototype to automatically simulate the distributed database query processing which, in turn, may considerably reduce the load of developing the actual query processing software in the logical design phase of distributed database system. Also, since all the essential details of query processing in CTPN have been simulated, the results of this study can closely relate to the real world applications.

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