A Formal Model for Stateful Trust Management Systems

H. Mouri, Y. Takata, and H. Seki (Japan)


Trust management, Access control, Formal model, State transition model, PKI, Model checking


Recently, trust management, which is a system manage ment technique based on Public-Key Infrastructure (PKI), is proposed and is extensively investigated. However, there is no trust management model which can explicitly repre sent a system whose internal state changes as a result of the trust establishment. In this paper, we propose a trust man agement model which can represent a system with internal states. A policy specification language is proposed to de fine the behavior of the system. The verification problem is defined as the problem to decide whether the behavior of a system with a given policy satisfies a given verifica tion property, and a verification method for the problem is also proposed. Finally, a verification result based on the proposed method is reported.

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