An Adaptable Software Product Evaluation Metric

T. Euler (Germany)


Software Product Evaluation, Software Evaluation Metrics, COTS Comparison


Software product evaluation is a tool to choose among al ternative software products for an intended application, but can also assist the developers of the software in judging the relevance of their product and in identifying missing functionalities. The suitability of software products is de pendent on the intended application scenario and environ ment, which is why quantitative, objective metrics for prod uct evaluation are difficult to find. This paper presents an adaptable method of quantifying product characteristics, and includes an application of the method in tool selec tion, for knowledge discovery (data mining) tools. The method can be made objective by providing precise eval uation plans or scenarios. It is adaptable by the evaluator to reflect different levels of detail, and/or different priori tisations of criteria, in different evaluation scenarios. Two possible levels of details are illustrated based on the exam ple evaluation.

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