An Evaluation Model for the End-User Utility of Office Applications

K.R.R. Kumar, I. Hirvonen, I. Leppänen, T. Kuronen, J.K. Nurminen, and A. Salo (Finland)


Utility, GOMS-KLM, usability, MAUT, software bloat, office applications


The utility of office applications is becoming increasingly important due to the development of technologies for PCs and mobile terminals and the growing demand for sophisticated and efficient office applications. In this paper, we develop a decision analytic model for the purpose of evaluating the utility of selected office applications with respect to the resource requirements constraint. Specifically, we examine to what extent the user-perceived utility of these applications has increased in recent years. Based on the results, it appears that the model can serve as a useful analytical framework for understanding relationships between the utility of mobile office applications and their resource requirements.

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