A New Reliable Distributed Mutual Exclusion Algorithm

P. Bayat, M. Challenger, and M.E. Shiri (Iran)


Distributed Mutual Exclusion, Reliability, Process Concurrency, Synchronization and Fault Tolerance


This paper present a reliable decentralized mutual exclusion algorithm for distributed systems in which processes communicate by asynchronous message passing. When any failure happens in system, the algorithm protects the distributed system against any crashes. It also makes possible the recovery of the lost data in system. It requires between (N-1) and 2(N-1) messages per critical section access, where N is the number of processes in the system. The exact message complexity can be expressed as a deterministic function of concurrency in the computation. The algorithm does not introduce any other overheads over Lamport's and Ricart-Agrawala's algorithms, which require 3(N-1) and 2(N-1) messages per critical section access, respectively.

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