A Trust-based Approach to Select Reliable Components for Internet Coalition Applications

Y. Wang, F. Xu, H. Hu, and J. Lü (PRC)


Internet coalition applications; reliability; trust


Reliable components are very critical to the reliability of Internet coalition applications that are heterogeneous, open, and variable. Trust is a new popular mean to predict the reliability of the components consisted of the Internet coalition applications. This paper presents a trust-based approach to select reliable components for the Internet coalition applications, especially for those consisting of a large mount of components and running for a long time. The approach attempts to establish trust relationships between the callers and the components based on the experiences and applies the trust relationships to select the reliable components. Focusing on the engineering issues of constructing reliable Internet coalition applications, we describe the new approach based on the following key ideas: (1) explicit models of user needs. (2) The automatic evaluation for the invoked results based on the user preferences to form experience information. (3) The general method to generate trust based on the relating experiences. (4) The algorithm to select reliable components for Internet coalition applications based on trust.

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