PSML-S: A Process Specification and Modeling Language for Service-Oriented Computing

W.T. Tsai, R.A. Paul, B. Xiao, Z. Cao, and Yinong Chen (USA)


Modeling language, Web services, behavior, and constraint


This paper presents a process specification and modeling language for service-oriented system development. The language, PSML-S, is defined by a metamodel consisting of four model packages: core model, behavior model, structure model, and constraint model. The core model defines the data types and operations in other models; the structure model defines the constructs to specify the static structure of the system under modeling; the behavior model defines the constructs for describing the dynamic behaviors; and the constraint model defines constructs for specifying the non-functional constraints in the structure and behavior models. As an illustrative example, the PSML-S is used to specify a virtual bookstore and the related systems. PSML-S is part of a development environment for service-oriented systems. PSML-S and the development environment have used in several industrial and governmental projects.

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