A Framework for Identification of Dependency Areas in UML Designs

A. Derezińska and I. Bluemke (Poland)


UML, meta-model, traceability, propagation rules, OCL


In this paper a new framework for dependency areas identification in object oriented UML designs is presented. The dependency area of an element is a part of a UML model, highly influenced by this element. Dependency areas are useful in analyzing the impact between elements of a model, e.g. traceability from the requirements to the generated code. A conceptual meta model of dependency areas is introduced and related to the UML meta-model [1]. Sets of transitive propagation rules are also proposed. These rules are specified using pre- and post-conditions written in the Object Constraint Language (OCL) [2]. Selection strategies for propagation rules are formulated. These strategies help to cope with incompleteness and inconsistency in imperfect designs.

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