An Approach to Support Software Architecture Transformation in Architecture-based Software Development

H. Choi, K. Yeom, and S. Park (Korea)


Software architecture transformation, architecture-based development


Software architecture is being viewed as a key design in developing software systems, which largely affects the achievement of quality attributes. Therefore, architectural transformation often occurs to make a change to the architecture in order to achieve quality attributes during the architecture-based development. Due to the variety of design alternatives and the poor understanding of applying them to the architecture, however, it is not easy to apply architectural transformation. Therefore, architectural transformation is necessary to be performed through explicitly analyzing the effects of applying various design alternatives to the architecture. This paper proposes an approach to software architecture transformation. Based on architectural design decisions and the constraints on them included in the architecture, our approach defines a decision constraint graph representing the dependencies among architectural design decisions. Through using the decision constraint graph, architectural transformation can be systematically performed by understanding the effects of applying a transformation.

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