A Partial Shape Matching Method for 3D Model Databases

M.T. Suzuki, Y. Yaginuma, T. Yamada, and Y. Shimizu (Japan)


Partial Shape Matching, Similarity Retrieval, Shape De scriptor, 3D Model


The use of 3D models is gaining popularity since they are important for computer graphics applications. Recently, similarity retrieval techniques for 3D models have been in vestigated intensively for handling databases of 3D mod els systematically. The techniques extract shape descrip tors from 3D models and use these descriptors for indices for comparing shape similarities. Various shape descrip tors have been proposed for improving shape similarity search results. Most similarity search techniques focus on comparisons of each individual 3D model from data bases. However, our similarity search technique can com pare not only each individual 3D model, but also partial shape similarities. The partial shape matching technique extends the user’s query request by (1) finding similar parts of 3D models, (2) finding 3D models which contain similar parts, and (3) counting the number of similar portions au tomatically. We have implemented an experimental partial shape-matching search system for 3D model databases, and preliminary experiments show that the system successfully retrieves similar 3D model parts efficiently.

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