A Static Error Detection Tool for C++ Mixin

Y. Imazeki, S. Takada, and N. Doi (Japan)


Mixin, C++, module composition, software tools


Mixin is a style of composing modules, where units of functionalities are created, and then composed with other units. In C++, this can be achieved through using tem plates. However, there are many issues that need to be ad dressed, including conflicts of class member names, invalid compositions due to module dependencies, and semantic conflicts between modules due to super calls. Developers need to be aware of these issues to prevent errors being in corporated into the programs. In this paper, we propose a tool that supports the developers by statically detecting occurrences of the above three. The tool also supports cor recting any found problems. Our tool can reduce the devel oper’s efforts in developing software using C++ Mixin.

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