A Case Study of Just-in-Time Contextual Game-based Learning in Software Engineering

I.A. Zualkernan, F.M. Parmar, and L.M. Al-Moudares (UAE)


Game-based learning, e-learning, software engineering education


Game shells are used in game-based learning to allow one to populate a given template with domain knowledge to quickly create a specific instance of a game. However, the knowledge required for populating these shells is manually derived from the context. In this paper, we present an initial evaluation of an approach that uses by-products of a design process to automatically generate such knowledge. This approach is critical for domains like software engineering where the underlying knowledge is changing at a rapid pace and it is not feasible to manually create such knowledge every time there is a contextual change. A study evaluating undergraduates playing such automatically generated contextual games for software engineering show that there is a positive correlation between such game playing and learning.

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