A Behavior Consistent Service Discovery and Substitution Mechanism in OSGI

Q. Yin, H. Hu, J. Li, J. Ge, and J. Lu (PRC)


OSGi, behavior consistency, Service-Oriented Architec ture, Petri Nets


This paper describes a service discovery and substitution mechanism to assure the consistency not only of the service interface but also of service behavior in a service-oriented model. Current service discovery and substitution mecha nism only focuses on the interface and static properties of a service. This can guarantee interface conformity, how ever, the runtime errors can not be eliminated. We pro pose Service Behavior Model based on WF-net to model the behavior of a service, and discuss behavior consistency of Service Behavior Models. On the top of the Open Ser vice Gateway Initiative (OSGi) which is a service-oriented component model, we implement the behavior consistent service discovery and substitution mechanism. The con cepts and solutions this paper provides are suf´Čüciently gen eral for application in other service-oriented models.

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