Design and Implementation of a Grid Network-Aware Resource Broker

D. Adami, S. Giordana, M. Repeti, M. Coppola, D. Laforenza, and N. Tonellotto (Italy)


Grid Computing, High-level Programming Environment, Resource Management, Quality of Service, MPLS, Diff Serv


Currently, Grid applications are developed for a network offering only a best effort packet delivery service. Nev ertheless, High Performance Computing applications with Quality of Service requirements stress the capabilities of the interconnecting network of the target Grid infrastruc ture. Therefore the application runtime environment must interact, through a Grid Resource Broker, with a Network Resource Manager to obtain information about the network and to reserve network resources among the computational resources that will host the execution of applications. The paper presents the design and the development of a Grid Network-Aware Resource Broker. It enhances the features of a Grid Resource Broker with the capabilities provided by a Network Resource Manager. The innovative contribution of the presented integration is the possibility to design and implement new mapping/scheduling mecha nisms to take into account both network and computational resources.

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