Using an Updating of DHCP in Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks

C.N. Ojeda-Guerra, C. Ley-Bosch, and I. Alonso-González (Spain)


Host configuration, DHCP, IP conflicts, ad-hoc network,wireless networks.


A mobile ad hoc network (MANET) is an autonomous sys tem of mobile nodes connected by wireless links, which co operatively and spontaneously form an IP-based network. These networks are infrastructure-free where central ad ministration or configuration by the user are impractical. On the other hand, the Dynamic Host Configuration Pro tocol (DHCP) was designed to provide configuration pa rameters to Internet hosts, so it was not itself designed for the purpose of providing host mobility. In this paper, we present an updating of DHCP designed to configure nodes in a mobile multi-hop ad hoc network. This approach con siders problems as abruptly departure of nodes, network partitioning and merging, adding new characteristics to the original protocol. Finally, we evaluate the performance of the solution through simulation experiments.

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