Scalable and Secure Group Rekeying in Wireless Sensor Networks

G. Dini and I.M. Savino (Italy)


Wireless networks, sensor networks, authentication, keymanagement


With reference to a network of agents equipped with small low-cost processing units and wireless short-range capa bilities, we present a key distribution scheme that makes a trade-off between security and resource consumption through an efficient re-keying protocol. The proposed so lution 1) guarantees secure group communication notwith standing group membership changes; 2) guarantees an au thentic distribution of keys that is efficient in terms of com munication overhead; and 3) meets the reduced compu tational capabilities of embedded processing units by us ing only low-computation-overhead cryptographic primi tives such as symmetric ciphers and one-way hash func tions. The proposed protocol shows increased scalability, reduced power consumption, and results particularly attrac tive for highly dynamic groups.

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