Impact of Employing Different Security Levels on QoS Parameters in Virtual Private Networks

P.K. Yogender and H.H. Ali (USA)


VPN, Security, IPSec, Performance, Adaptive andQuality of Service *QoS)


The Virtual Private Networks (VPN) employs IPSec/IKE protocols for secure data transfer over any public network. The Internet Protocol Security (IPSec) suite of protocols, which operate at network layer (layer 3), provides security services through the use of tunnels between security gateways or individual hosts. IPSec based VPNs have a number of security and management related parameters, which can be configured according to user/network demands. We configure these parameters into various security levels and store them in security policy database (spd's) of IKE and IPSec. We identify a few Quality of Service (QoS) parameters like throughput, latency, and session delay and measure the impact of the security levels on these QoS parameters. The results are then used to develop an adaptive model which allows the IPSec based VPNs to switch between various security levels based upon the performance of the QoS parameters. We also show the performance improvement achieved by using the proposed adaptive model.

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