'QNA Reloaded' - A Tool for Traffic Engineering in Medical Grade Networks

T.H. Szymanski and D. Gilbert (Canada)


Quality of Service, Traffic Engineering, Discrete Event


This paper describes a new multiparadigm tool being developed for Traffic Engineering called the Queueing Network Analyser Two – QNA2, building upon the classic QNA tool from Bell Laboratories. The tool encompasses 3 engines linked together in a common framework; an advanced queueing network analysis engine, a queueing network discrete event simulation engine, and an optimization engine for minimizing an arbitrary objective function described over a stochastic network model. The tool can be used to provide for the ‘Traffic Engineering’ of life-critical Telemedicine services over the Internet, providing numerical QoS guarantees for throughput, delay, delay jitter, reliability and availability. The tool can also be used for capacity and topology planning, and for optimizing the deployment of new network resources.

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