Analysis of Efficient TDMA Schedules via the Fat-Tree Network with Real-Time Many-to-Many Communication

B. Wang, M. Jonsson, and X. Fan (Sweden)


real time, many-to-many communication, fat-tree.


The Real-Time Many-to-Many (RTM2M) communication pattern is widely used in many parallel and distributed computing applications with time constraints such as radar signal processing. In this paper, we propose how to use TDMA (Time Division Multiple Access) to achieve efficient support for RTM2M over the fat-tree network built up on 4×2 switches (four children and two parents). Moreover, we have compared four different TDMA schedules in terms of the end-to-end delay and network utilization [1] and presented two of them in detail hereby. The general formulas of the end-to-end delay of two of the most interesting schedules are derived and simulations are represented to both verify the formulas and provide support for the conclusion from the viewpoint of the network utilization.

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