A Study on Architecture and Performance of Service Delivery Platform in Home Networks

I.-W. Lee, H.-J. Park, K.-R. Park, and S.-H. Kim (Korea)


Home Network, Service Delivery, Service Management Platform


Current systems to offer home network services vary depending on service providers, each of whom provide services and maintain management system separately, and so, development and advancement of services needs to rely on systems of specific device manufacturers and their provision system. If service developers and providers are armed with a system to support various home services on an open-type, scalable platform for service delivery and management, it will make a stride for home network services. Service delivery & management platforms give us how to manage home gateways and the life cycle of services downloaded to home gateways. When service providers register developed service applications to the service platform, the applications will go through the operation of service delivery and be downloaded to the framework of home gateways. Upon the installation, the corresponding service application will be activated to provide service users with services. This paper proposed the structure and functional models of a service delivery and management platform to work out the closeness found in the service provision and management system of home network when individual companies offer services, while presenting functional implementations, service scenarios and the results of system performance estimation.

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