When is it Convenient to Predict the Web Services Completion Time?

E. Ambrosi, M. Bianchi, and G. Felici (Italy)


Web service, dynamic binding, QoS parameters, UDDI.


When multiple distributed instances of the same Web ser vice exist, a great challenge is represented by allowing the service requesters to select the most convenient instances at execution time. In the Web service scenario, the requesters represent the critical decision making point about what ser vice instance to use. For this reason they need informa tion to estimate the behavior of different services to per form an aware selection, instead of a random one. This work formally deļ¬nes the select logical operation as a new step of the bind logical operation. Then it contributes to the comprehension of the conditions under which is con venient, for a service requestor, to spend a little time using prediction mechanisms for collecting service convenience values. Moreover we propose some simulation results ob tained modelling a realistic Web service scenario.

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