Three-dimensional Simulations of Gastric Biomagnetic Dipoles using Recursive Localization Algorithms

A. Irimia (USA)


Biomagnetic Simulation, Inverse Problem, Signal Processing.


The reconstruction of the stomach's biomagnetic field is a challenging visualization task with significant applications to the diagnosis of stomach disorders. The results of a new computation-based approach to the inverse problem are presented here in addition to how they apply to the reconstruction of the stomach’s magnetic field. One of the primary advantages of the procedure is a realistic view of the magnetic field based on known experimental data using an efficient algorithm whose running time increases linearly as data input amounts increase. The program was tested using experimental data collected using SQUID magnetometers while the visual reconstruction of the biomagnetic field was accomplished in MATLAB using streamline vector field plots and color-based mappings of magnetic field data obtained using standard methods in electromagnetic field theory. In order to ensure exactness and reliability, results were compared to similar ones that had been obtained using purely theoretical reconstruction techniques. The visualization tool that has been developed is important for furthering our understanding of how anomalies in the gastric electromagnetic field can predict various pathological conditions.

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