Behavioral Models for RF and Microwave Devices: A Polynomial Approach

S. Shetty (USA)


behavioral models, Low-Noise Amplifiers, RF mixers, power amplifiers


A polynomial based approach is described which could be used to simulate the non-linear RF distortion effects of amplifiers and mixers. In communication systems where the signal suffers high peak to average ratios (e.g. OFDM signals), RF power amplifiers are driven into compression and ultimately to saturation causing non-linear distortions to these signals usually seen in the form of AM-AM and AM-PM distortion. Another type of RF distortion arises when non-ideal oscillators or mixers are used. The goal of this paper is to simulate realistic and accurate behavioral models for these two RF (or microwave) devices based on observed data. Numerical results are shown which demon strate their effectiveness and comparisons are made with prior models that have been used.

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