A Generic Representation of Networks using Object-oriented Methodology

M.H. Petiwala, M. Albaghdadi, B. Briley, and M. Hamlen (USA)


XML, network abstraction, network and service management.


This paper proposes a model that provides a generic representation of networks using object-oriented (OO) methodology. It is a logical description, which represents a network in terms of objects and relationships between objects. Any entity (hardware or software) in the network that can be managed is called an object and can be captured appropriately in the model. The model is shown to be sufficiently generic to be applied to any communication network. The proposed model facilitates reuse of management applications across different communication networks with little or no modification. The model has been used in an event correlation application successfully. A detailed example of the application, the wireless network it is running on, and the method of application reuse are presented.

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