Examining the Performance of Voice Packets over IP based Local Area Networks

M. Haidar, R. Alrifai, and J. Kenevan (USA)


Voice Over IP, VOIP


The clear delivery of the human voice over a communication network is influenced by the network’s ability to process the voice signal without delay-causing problems. This paper studies the impact of key network parameters on the transmission of voice over an IP based Local Area Network (LAN). Several scenarios are examined by simulating various parameter permutations in the voice over IP (VoIP) environment. In these scenarios, various packet delays and server processing loads are measured before and after the application of voice. It was shown that changing the value of specific parameters, such as link speed, had a noticeable impact on the suitability of the tested networks for carrying voice packets. This paper illustrates that the successful transmission of voice packets can be realized by identifying acceptable values of the studied parameters.

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