A New Methodology for Web Application Development

J. Zhang and J.-Y. Chung (USA)


prototyping of web applications, generator, architecture,supporting environment, mockup


Web application development can be very complicated without an appropriate framework, architecture and application model. A good implementation model can help application developers communicate with clients, consolidate the design before starting the development, speed up the development, and make the code highly reusable. This paper proposes a mockup-driven fast prototyping methodology (MODFM) for the development of web applications. Built on top of recent web technologies and well-tried concepts including rapid prototyping and automatic code generation, MODFM leads to the quick production of a mockup of the finished application. As a result, MODFM helps to gain customer feedback at early stages of development in order to minimize development efforts because of incorrect or incomplete specifications. Real-life experiences of the use of the methodology in industry are reported as examples.

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