Virtual Shopping Mall Client System Design Including Group-share

H. Kim, J. Kim, S. Kim, B. Koo, B. Choi, and S. Han (Korea)


VRML, shared virtual environment, virtual shopping mall, client-server system


Currently there are a lot of 2D virtual shopping malls using Hyper-Text Markable Language(HTML). However, the 2D virtual shopping malls are different from real shopping malls, and novice computer users cannot easily access the malls. 3D virtual shopping malls are able to provide users with the more intuitive environment. Just as real environment, the 3D malls can also provide users with the function in order to buy the better commodities by consulting their friends. In this paper, we propose a system design to satisfy these requirements such as intuitive environment and information share. And using a test system with a amended Virtual Reality Modeling Language(VRML) browser, we show the implemented results.

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