First Authentication and Multiple Notification (FAMN): A Novel Concept for Real Time Certificate Status Notification System

S. Kang, T. Chang, and E. Yoon (Korea)




Electronic commerce grows rapidily as a core service on the Internet for purching and sailing goods and information. At the heart of safe and confidential electronic commerce is public-key infrastructure (PKI). A PKI enables users of an unsecure public network such as the Internet to securely and privately exchange data and money by using a public and a private cryptographic key pair that is obtained and shared through a trusted authority. The public key infrastructure provides for a digital certificate that can identify an individual or an organization and directory services that can store and revoke the certificates. In this paper, we propose a First Authentication and Multiple Notification (FAMN) system for real time certificate status notification. By adopting FAMN, a certificate user doesn’t have to review certificate status from the directory of certification authority (CA) at every electronic commerce and just receive certificate status from CA with real-time. We also describe some considerations to enhance the performance of the proposed FAMN system.

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