Certifying Business Processes to Build Trust in E-business

A. Mandaric and A. Oberweis (Germany)


E-Business, Business Process Modelling and Simulation


Although e-business offers unique advantages for faster and more cost-efficient transactions it also carries a greater risk of opportunistic behaviour among potential business partners than traditional business environments. It is necessary to build trust in online purchase situations between sellers and buyers where traditional forms of creating trust (e.g. personal face-to-face communication) are usually not possible. For this reason we propose a concept of an individual certification in order to verify that the relevant internal business processes of the seller are in line with the buyer's security, privacy and quality standards and expectations. These certifications can contribute to building trust by matching buyers’ and sellers’ business processes according to individually specified requirements. In order to provide a common communication basis for a simulation we propose the so-called XML nets, a special variant of high-level Petri nets. While XML nets are a suitable formal, graphical modelling language where structured objects are comprised by a number of documents, necessary for the provision of business descriptions and business profiles, simulation serves as certification basis (e.g. comparison of sellers’ process descriptions and buyers’ requirements). XML nets and simulation both help to accelerate trust building by visualizing processes and reducing the complexity.

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