Telemedicine: A Low Cost Remote ECG Monitoring System

M.B.I. Reaz, S. Sulaiman, and A.M. Ali (Malaysia)


Telemedicine, ECG, ECG Recorder, TCP/IP, Internet.


Telemedicine is producing a great impact in the monitoring of patients located in remote nonclinical environments. This paper describes an implementation of a low cost real time remote ECG monitoring system. The system is capable of acquiring and storing patient’s ECG data and transfers it in real time to the remote terminal. It comprises of an acquisition and a networking part. The acquisition part acquires ECG signal through electrodes and then amplifies the weak ECG signal by an amplifier and filter out noises. ADC modules carry out A/D conversion of the ECG signal and fed into the interface circuit for level conversion. Serial port program enables data to be stored in a PC from acquisition device. The networking part is in the form of a Java based client/server pair application. The client and server applications are installed in local and remote terminal respectively. The networking program set up a connection between local and remote terminal via TCP/IP to provide transfer of data and enable chat session. This system is utilizing Internet protocols, commercial software and low cost component to transmit ECG data to physicians for monitoring, diagnosis and patients care at a significantly low cost, regardless of patient’s location.

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