Organized Display of Internet Search Results: A Model for Display of Retrieved Resources using Dublin Core Metadata Element Set

D.P. Madalli (India/USA), A.R.D. Prasad and A. Tripathi (India)


Digital Libraries, Internet Retrieval Issues, Search Engines, Display Formats, Dublin Core Element Set (DCMES), Customized Search Display using DCMES


Internet today has tremendous information potential in any given area. But the resources are heterogeneous and distributed and not easy to locate. General search engines are not equipped to search the entire Net and they can only cover the domain partially. Moreover, they do not provide context to the term/s searched so a lot of noise figures in the retrieved set. In general, users are not satisfied with the retrieval of these search engines. Paper discusses the issues in information retrieval on Internet and the way search engines work. It compares the work to library cataloguing which serves as an adequate tool of location catering to various users approaches to the collection within libraries. Paper also highlights the importance of display formats for search sessions and discusses the AACR2 rules for display of Internet Resources. It advocates for uses of the Dublin Core set of elements in the display of search results as it is set that had been advocated and understood by professionals across disciplines. A model based on ASP is presented here for representation of the search results using Dublin Core elements.

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