An MPEG-4 Scene Compositor Model for Real-time Streaming

Y. Shin and S. Kim (Korea)



The MPEG-4 media player is composed of the delivery manager, the A/V decoder, the rendering module, the Java graphic library, etc. In existing players, the delivery manager and the decoder are implemented on native code, and the rendering modules are built on Java code since the Java Graphic Library is used. In between the native code and the Java code, the streaming interface uses JNI functions like figure 1. To efficiently transport media over the Internet, we propose the use of an MPEG-4 media player using Java Native Interface (JNI) functions. The rendering module of an MPEG-4 media player is divided into the JNI Export Manager, the Java Scene Manager, the Drawing Manager, and the JNI functions. The JNI Export Manager converts the decoded streams as native code into the Java object type. On the other hand, the Java Scene Manager composes MPEG-4 scenes and objects after parsing the streams. The Drawing Manager draws on graphic space using the Java Graphic Library. The Java Scene Manager processes information related to MPEG-4 scene composition on Java native space. It receives decoded streams, converts them into RGB format, and composes scenes which are then sent to the JNI Export Manager. Since these streams are lightweight, they do not need to use JNI functions related to scene composition. Rendering is thus considerably improved.

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