Fast Defuzzification Method based on Centroid Estimation

A. Ginart and G. Sanchez (Venezuela)


Defuzzification methods, Centroid estimation.


However, the relatively high computational requirements could be a limitation for several applications. As an alternative, faster and simple methods can be used such as finding the “mean of maxima” (MOM) or by finding the half-area point (“Bisector”) [3]. A new fast defuzzification method is presented. It is based on estimating the centroid position by fitting the fuzzy output shape into one single triangle. In regard to the computational time, this method is comparable to the “Bisector” method and provides better dynamical behavior. This new method was tested to control a second order plant and a benchmark Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor (CSTR). This article presents a simple fast method for computing a “Centroid Approximation” by fitting the fuzzy output area into a “Triangular” shape (CAT), see figure 1.

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